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IMMC was started in 2010 with a vision to create an organization of motorsport volunteers to help grow motorsports in the country. We proudly reached our first great moment in 2011 with the first ever F1 race in India and then in 2012 and 2013. Since 2010 we have help to run tens of motorsport events spanning Truck, Car, Motorcycle and Go-Kart races. The leadership of IMMC comprises of very experienced, leading motorsport persons in the country with decades of combined experience. IMMC is a proud member of FMSCI , a member of FIA and FIM. Several highly experienced members, motorsport officials and organizers support us in our mission to be the leading motorsport volunteer organization.

We strive to provide our members with FIA and FIM certified training and ensure the highest standards of safety and knowledge.

Key Leaders

Vicky Chandhok

Prabha Shankar

Pramod Pal Singh

A keen motorsport enthusiast and organizer, Pramod has been associated with race organization and marshaling since 2011 and is an avid F1 follower. He has helped organize tens of races in the last six years. He heads the IMMC operations and has a vision to create a world class motorsport marshaling club.

Akash Gill

An avid rallyist and a techie at heart, Akash has been associated with several motorsport events including rallies, F1, ARRC, T1 Truck Racing and has led teams to deliver successful events. His creative antics and team building skills are well known to the marshal community. He has a vision to create a unique marshal experience at IMMC.