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Who is a Marshal/Motorsport Volunteer?

Someone who is interested in Motorsport and who wants to be involved in the sport without necessarily competing. Someone who can volunteer time and effort to help organize and officiate at motorsport events. The person is usually interested in motorsport and likes to build his knowledge and experience. Someone who likes to be close and be part of the action.

What does a Marshal do?

Acts as an official and joins a large team. You could take on various roles such as a fire marshal, a recovery marshal or help with intervention and flagging at major motorsport events such as F1, MotoGP, Bike races, truck races and go kart racing etc. You will learn the finer details of the sport and be part of the action.

Who can become a Marshal?

Almost anyone who is above 18 years and reasonably fit. You need to be able to spare time as a volunteer. IMMC offers orientation as well as advanced training in various disciplines like fire, recovery and other areas. Over time , as you do more and more events, you can be upgraded to a higher category and offered opportunity for International events as well.

What is IMMC ?

The Indian Motorsport Marshals Club is the largest marshaling organization in the Indian Subcontinent. Founded in 2010, the club follows objectives of training and providing marshals for all forms of motor sport. IMMC provides officials for all the organising clubs in the country. Events covered include Circuit racing, sprints, hill climbs, F1, ARRC, Truck Racing, rallies, rally cross, autocross, trials, kart racing, motorcycle circuit racing and many more.

The club has over 500 members, men and women from all walks of life and parts of the country. All are amateurs in as much as no financial reward is either sought or given, but at the same time they are professionals in their attitude to their marshaling. Members are offered the opportunity of marshaling at almost any event they wish, anywhere in the country, the club will co-ordinate the volunteering and liaise with the motorsport event organiser.

IMMC membership is offered selectively and helps the members to grow and imprive their skills. Various trainings imparted are not only useful at the race track but also in real life. IMMC offers a great opportunity to meet like minded people and is a lot of fun.

Do you need to be specially trained?

Yes, IMMC offers training in many areas. You just need to bring in the passion and the attitude and we will take care of the rest. IMMC provides training throughout the year. Sessions include theory and practical sessions, including fire fighting and rescue unit work. Experienced marshals and chiefs will guide and offer advice to you at race meetings, observe your progress and help you gain greater enjoyment from your duties.

Training covers all aspects and disciplines of the sport. Our aim is to make motor sport safer by training the volunteer officials to the highest possible standards. Certifications and accreditation is offered to those who have completed the trainings and the evaluations successfully.

IMMC also offers a grading scheme for marshals as they gain experience and grow within the organization thus offering greater opportunity to pursue their occupation and even international opportunities.

How many days do I have to commit to the club?

We expect you to put in some 10-12 days in a year and cover 2-4 events and trainings based on race calendars. You can opt in for various events that are offered from time to time. Races and trainings are almost always on weekends and we try not to interfere with your working life.

Is it dangerous?

All forms of motor sport involve some danger, but our safety record is impeccable and we provide safety training as well. IMMC ensures that safety is engrained into each member and becomes a way of life.

What duties do Marshals cover?

According to experience, the jobs include: Post Chief, incident officer, experienced marshal (flag & incident), track marshal, race administration, medical marshal, pit marshal, fire marshal and recovery marshal. It is up to the individual to decide the type and number of events they wish to attend, the jobs for which they volunteer

How do I start?

By registering from our website www.immc.in/register. Registrations open from time to time so please observe the website. Once registered, please follow instructions sent to you by email.

What else is offered?

IMMC offers selected apparel and merchandise which is either free as a part of membership or sold at cost to members. There is also the opportunity of gather collectibles at each event that you participate in. We also offer a fun environment and get togethers to network with like-minded people. IMMC also offers the opportunity for track days, opportunity to participate in races and significantly lower fees for track days at major tracks around the country.

IMMC also takes care of welfare at the events and provides for food, beverages and shared transportation to and from the venue, access to reserved parking and a tremendous opportunity to meet your favorite drivers and see the race teams in up close action. Many of our members have met racing legends at events and collected signed memorabilia and taken thousands of pictures as memories.